its ok
just breathe

Hi i'm Danyelle, aka the mermaid of tumblr ☯
I've been self-harm free since February 1st, 2014.

Anonymous: I thought I saw you too when I was down in Virginia but she had pink hair and I was like nah that can't be dany and then I got sad :(((((

Waht kmg ily guyssss ya I’ve never had pink hair//been to VA

Anonymous: Sooooo I think i saw you at the dollar tree a few months ago.... You had blue hair. I'm pretty sure it was you you were with this guy idek. But i couldn't remember your URL so i didn't wanna go up and freak you out ._. sorry.

Haven’t had blue hair since a little before march & I deff wouldn’t have been with a guy I live near concord NH

Seeing real friends & neck deep November 23rd @ the Sinclair in Massachusetts!


I kinda wanna be drowned in kisses and cum

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Anonymous: did you have a formspring back in the day?

I did I was ‘Buttaaflykisses’ lol


if i become a drug dealer i’m gonna say to my customers ‘now put THAT in your pipe and smoke it” and we’d all laugh and then i’d call the police because drugs are fucking illegal

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my goal is to be the ‘we didn’t notice her in highschool but dang we should’ve’ girl

I got the first part down

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i want a bf :/

and by bf i mean Benjamin Franklin as in a 100 dollar bill

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